Significance Of Workplace Drug Testing

For many business owners, crafting and implementing drug testing strategies may not be at the forefront of their minds; however, it definitely should be. Among the greatest benefits of businesses carrying out drug testing is that the majority of states provide discounts on the workers’ compensation insurance of the company. In a drug-free workplace, business owners can save money by avoiding accidents typically resulting from impaired workers.

If you consider workplace safety, employee productivity, and your company revenues to be important factors in the success of your business, then drug testing should be viewed as an important part of company operations. All these elements have in a single thing in common — it is impossible for them to achieve their full potential when employees are engaging in the use of drugs, whether in the workplace or elsewhere.

Having a drug testing policy instituted to create a drug and alcohol-free work environment is a crucial step in establishing a successful path for your business. Findings of studies conducted across the country have revealed that businesses lose roughly $140 billion annually to the use and abuse of illegal substances. If you are not yet convinced, there are several other reasons to implement drug testing in the workplace, particularly as a growing number of businesses recognize the significance of a drug testing strategy. Below are some additional details outlining the importance of drug testing in the workplace:

• The United States is Afflicted with a Horrifying Drug Epidemic

With over 64,000 drug-related deaths recorded in 2017, in comparison with data from 1999, the death rate is currently 5 times higher than it was back then.

• Drug Use among Employees is More Prevalent than You Might Believe

Statistics have shown that 4.2 percent of all urine tests administered in the workplace in 2017 came back positive for drug use. This is the highest rate since 2004 when a 4.5 percent rate was recorded. Additionally, the use of cocaine went up 12 percent from the previous year, methamphetamine usage rose 64 percent between 2012 and 2017 and positive drug testing for marijuana went up 8.9 percent.

Many business owners are surprised by these high percentages; however, it is not astounding when you realize that several regular drug users are highly skilled at hiding the effects of the drug they use. Considering the statistics, it is possible one or more of your employees use drugs. These employees will never be identified if a regular drug testing strategy is not implemented.

• Drug Use among Employees is a Massive Safety Risk

The U.S. Department of Justice has reported that more than 50percent of all accidents in the workplace are caused by drug-impaired employees. Imagine a severe or fatal accident happening at your place of employment and then realizing it resulted from illegal drug use, which could have been avoided if a drug testing plan was instituted. Additionally, impaired employees are 5 times more likely to file a claim for workers’ compensation, which could end up hurting your bottom line.

• Drug Testing Could Improve Morale and Result in a Happier Work Environment

Everyone would like to go to work and feel content and safe; however, that becomes challenging when a co-worker engages in drug use. This could cause other employees to feel that their safety is compromised by drug-using employees. Frustration could also stem from the apparent lack of focus and drive displayed by the impaired employee. By crafting a drug-free environment, you can make sure everyone is putting in their best effort and working towards a common goal.

• Drug Use among Employee Results in Serious Turnover Issues

Comparing sober employees and drug-using employees, you can expect to handle a 30 percent higher rate of turnover with the latter. It not only costs time to replace employees, but there is also a financial impact as well. This is true because staff members have to be paid to recruit new job candidates, carry out interviews and train new employees. Productivity is also affected when new employees have to be trained regularly.

• Drug Testing is Beneficial Beyond the Workplace

As can be probably imagined, when employees are aware that they will be subjected to random drug testing, it is less likely that they will engage in drug use. As such, instituting a solid drug testing strategy not only pinpoints employee drug usage, it could completely put a stop to it. You will be protecting your business and also contributing to the betterment of the lives of your staff members and the wider community.

Drug testing is important as it safeguards both the company and the staff members. With this new of reinforced awareness, the next steps towards instituting a drug testing strategy at your company can be put in place. There are a number of reputable companies that can help you with this.