Types Of Drug Testing And Aloe Rid Shampoo

Aloe Rid Shampoo

This detox shampoo is formulated to eliminate drug metabolites from the hair follicles. Among other ingredients, it is formulated with propylene glycol, which is its main ingredient. It helps with breaking down the solid cuticle layer that covers the hair follicle.

Essentially, when the aloe rid shampoo is used, the propylene glycol helps in dissolving or stripping the metabolites in a far gentler way in contrast to ammonia and other harsh chemicals. As such, the toxins will be eliminated in time for you to take and pass your hair follicle drug test.

Many different sectors of society are impacted by individuals using and abusing illegal drugs and misusing prescription medications. However, it is even more fundamentally damaging in the workplace.

The use, misuse, and abuse of drugs lower productivity, threatens the revenue of the business and could also heighten the risk of on-the-job injuries. Depending on the industry in which a person works, the abuse of substances could actually have fatal results.

As such, a growing number of business owners are commissioning drug testing and implementing strategies to construct drug-free workplaces. Below is an in-depth exploration of the significance of drug testing in the workplace:


Drug use can increase safety risks by impairing the judgment of an employee; this is especially true in businesses like construction. In these industries, the use and abuse of substances on the job could lead to injuries or even death.

Research has revealed that the abuse of drugs by employees has caused up to 50 percent of on-the-job calamities. As such, this situation should not be taken lightly. Furthermore, drug testing can enrich the quality of life of both the employee and his or her family.


Members of staff who are under the influence of illegal substances frequently have difficulty staying on task. This is because their minds are inclined to drift to issues that do not relate to work.

Drug testing enables bosses to target and gets rid of workers who are not performing up to standard because of illegal drug use. This can significantly enhance the general performance of the business.

Production and Profits

The abuse of substances or addition could lead to a decline in turnout and missed deadlines. A decrease in production will result in lower profits as well. After all, if the company is not able to produce work at a steady rate, there is no way consistent profits will be maintained. It is important to note that the abuse of drugs also results in as much as 40 percent of employee embezzlement, which impacts the profit margins as well.

Medical Costs

The medical costs of an employee can be drastically increased by drug abuse. Annually, businesses actually operate at a loss of an estimated $140 billion due to drug abuse and addiction.

Drug testing in the workplace enables employers to minimize their health-related costs and health insurance premiums by lessening drug-related afflictions and on-the-job mishaps. This win-win situation helps to lower costs for business owners and improve the health of employees.

Turnover Rate

Pre-employment drug testing is an incredible method of hiring employees who can meet the standards and goals of a business. Furthermore, it lessens the likelihood of having to fire a new staff member shortly after employing him or her. This retains valuable workers and decreases the turnover rate.

Despite the fact that most employers focus their drug testing efforts on job candidates vying for a position in the company, a growing number of business owners are also randomly testing current employees.

Types of Drug Testing

Urine Testing

This type of drug testing is the most common of all available methods. Its popularity is quite understandable since the metabolites, or the structures produced by the metabolism of consumed substances, utilize urine as its key excretion method. Diagnostic techniques utilized to locate traces of drugs in the urine include immunoassays, mass spectrometry, gas spectrometry, and thin layer chromatography.

Blood Testing

Of all that available drug testing approaches, blood testing is the most precise, most intrusive and most costly. Right when the test is taken, it can identify the existence of a drug in the blood and the metabolites. Additionally, the actual amount of drugs in the blood at the time of testing can be measured. However, the price and invasiveness of blood testing make it less popular than other techniques.

Perspiration Testing

This is one of the newer approaches to drug testing available currently. To administer the test, a sweat patch is affixed to the skin for 14 days. The patch is meant to identify the presence of drugs emitted via an individual’s perspiration. However, this test is typically used to monitor a person on probation or someone involved in a child custody case.

Saliva Testing

This test is growing in popularity as it is deemed less invasive compared to some of the others. However, to guarantee precise results, this type of test is seemingly best suited for detecting recent use of drugs. Several studies have shown that saliva testing only has the capacity to detect cannabinoids when the person has smoked cannabis between four and ten hours prior to the test.

Hair Follicle Testing

Hair follicle drug testing screens for the misuse of prescription medications and the use of illegal drugs. A scissors is used to remove a small amount of hair from your head during this test. After which, the sample is studied for an indication of drug use during the past 90 days.

As a recent graduate or prospective employee looking to land your dream job, your career can be made or broken by hair follicle drug testing. However, there is good news; the THC can be washed off with aloe rid shampoo right before hair follicle testing.

Currently, these are some of the options available to businesses for drug testing. If your company is planning on carrying out drug testing, make sure your options are thoroughly researched. This will assist you in choosing the best approach for you and your staff.